Photo credit: Olimjon Bakhtaliev/Saferworld
Photo credit: Olimjon Bakhtaliev/Saferworld


Saferworld has a zero-tolerance approach to anyone who harms people in our organisation, our partners or the communities we work with, or who puts anyone – and especially vulnerable adults and children – at risk of abuse, harm or exploitation. We recognise that power imbalances in the humanitarian and development sector have led, and continue to lead, to many forms of exploitation and abuse.

Our safeguarding policy has been developed to prevent and respond to all forms of harassment, abuse and exploitation in the context of this power imbalance, including: sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment, bullying in the workplace, and abuse and harm against children and vulnerable adults.

Through our safeguarding policy, we commit to:

  • promoting an organisational culture that identifies and mitigates power imbalances and recognises the impact of sexual violence on people regardless of ethnicity, religion, race, class and abilities
  • prioritising the voice and rights of survivors
  • creating a culture that makes our staff and those we work with feel safe, comfortable and supported to raise safeguarding concerns
  • ensuring that all staff, partners and people and communities we work with are able to report safeguarding concerns
  • embedding safeguarding policies in our recruitment, programming, risk assessments and research
  • investigating allegations of all types of abuse, harassment and exploitation in a confidential, timely and professional manner and take immediate and appropriate action.

If you would like to report a safeguarding concern, find out ways you can do so in this page.

Our safeguarding reporting form is also available in Arabic and Russian.
If you have any questions about our policies, please contact our safeguarding lead at