Research and analysis

Saferworld’s work in peacebuilding and conflict prevention requires an in-depth understanding of complex contexts in different parts of the world. For this reason, we conduct various sorts of research and analysis to inform our programming, influence policy-making and improve learning.

Our work

Our research and analysis touches on all aspects and levels of our work – from looking at current counter-terror strategies and arms flows between countries, to community surveys that assess  safety and security concerns that affect the day-to-day lives of people in conflict-affected contexts.

We present and discuss our findings with governments, multi-lateral organisations, civil society groups and to the public in order to deepen debates and shape policies that help to prevent conflict and build peace. We provide targeted recommendations to national, regional and local governments and to donors; and we influence how these people and institutions promote peace and development at home and abroad. Our advice to international organisations helps them to better understand and navigate complex conflict environments.

The findings of our research and analysis are also used to inform our own work and to strengthen learning across contexts. We conduct thorough assessments of what drives conflict in the areas where we work, helping us to understand how our programmes interact with conflict dynamics and how we can address security concerns.

The types of research we do

We contribute to the global evidence base on preventing and resolving violent conflict. Examples include a four-year research programme in partnership with other peacebuilding organisations focusing on a range of approaches in conflict-affected areas such as economic development, political settlements, decentralisation, security and justice, and how gender norms interact with conflict. Another project explores the prospects for peace in Somalia by analysing best practice from peace processes in Algeria, Colombia, Afghanistan and Sierra Leone.

We work on a variety of research projects and topics:

Community assessments and public surveys By hearing directly from affected communities, we are able to understand their security concerns, opinions and the realities they face on a day-to-day basis. Our research methods include qualitative and quantitative surveys, focus group discussions and interviews with people living in conflict.
Action research for change We support people to identify and analyse important conflict and security issues in their communities and to take action to address them.
Action research for learning We use action research to reflect on our programmes and to assess our impact. This helps us adapt to changing conditions and to ensure that our work has a positive impact.
Conflict and gender analysis While all of our work aims to understand the interactions between conflict and gender, some of our research is specifically framed around this. These strands of research inform our programme work and global advocacy, and provide guidance for other organisations on how to better address conflict and gender dynamics.
Thematic and global issues research We conduct research into a range of global conflict issues that help us push for change internationally and nationally. From migration and counter-terror responses to arms control and effective governance, our research informs policies that help to prevent conflict and build sustainable peace. 

Saferworld's research and learning team works closely with our country programmes in support of their research activities as well as working to strengthen research quality and impact across the organisation.

Work with us

If you would like to learn more about our areas of research or if you are interested in working with our research teams, please get in touch using the contact form below:


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