Photo credit: Ramon Sanchez Orense/Saferworld
Photo credit: Ramon Sanchez Orense/Saferworld


Following decades of conflict, Uganda is now in a state of relative peace and economic growth. However, there are still serious threats to stability – including social divisions and disputes over land, oil and minerals – and these are fuelling corruption and conflict. The country’s openness to refugees is impressive, but it can pose challenges in relations between refugees and host populations if not properly managed.

Our work

Since 2001, Saferworld has worked with communities, civil society organisations, the private sector and the government in Uganda to prevent and reduce conflict. We promote peaceful ways of working together on the issues of land and extractives.  With a national office in Kampala, and field offices in Gulu and Moroto, we operate in West Nile, Northern, Central and Karamoja regions.

We conduct research on areas of conflict, and we help organisations to become conflict sensitive in their approaches to land and mineral rights. We facilitate dialogue, set up discussions known as ‘talking circles’ and foster joint conflict analysis. Our work helps to redress power imbalances and improve relationships between all groups concerned.

In Uganda we are working on:

Extractive industries – we bring people together to ensure Uganda’s resources sustainably benefit all Ugandans. We promote transparency and accountability in relation to people’s rights.


Land governance – we believe all people deserve to know and understand their rights to land. We help people to participate in finding peaceful solutions to land-related conflict.


Gender, peace and security – we work to ensure gender norms that can fuel conflict are understood and addressed.


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