Photo credit: Khusrav Zuhurov/Saferworld
Photo credit: Khusrav Zuhurov/Saferworld


Tajikistan was engulfed in civil war almost as soon as it became independent from the Soviet Union in 1991. Since the end of this war in 1997, the country has been undergoing a slow process of reform in its governance and security sector. However, there are continued reports of widespread corruption, gender-based violence and inequality, human rights violations, and public mistrust of institutions. The country also faces a range of challenges along its borders, especially with flare-ups of conflict with Kyrgyzstan and drug routes transiting from Afghanistan.

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Saferworld began working in Tajikistan since 2010. Together with our civil society organisation partners, we brought communities and authorities together to discuss their safety and security problems and to find solutions that reduce insecurity and conflict, including those that affected women and young people. We passed our learning on to government officials, law-makers and the police, and contributed to changes in national policy. While our programming finished in 2021, we continue to work on regional security issues affecting Tajikistan and its neighbours.

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