Photo credit: Tobin Jones/UN
Photo credit: Tobin Jones/UN

Somalia and Somaliland

After decades of civil war and state collapse, Somalia’s future remains uncertain. Tensions between the government, federal member states and other political entities have created a volatile security situation across the country. State institutions are proving unable to deliver the services people need and to manage ever-present clan conflicts.  
Somaliland has enjoyed greater stability since declaring independence in 1991. It took a significant step forward in 2021 with successful parliamentary and local council elections. However, instability in the larger region threatens peace and democracy for all.  

Our work

Saferworld has been working to build peace, good governance and community resilience in Somalia and Somaliland since 2004. With partners, we help community groups to identify and address their own safety concerns, work with local and national institutions, and make recommendations on security policy. We support civil society’s involvement, particularly women’s and youth groups, in decision-making processes on peace, security and development.  
We also work with democratic institutions such as electoral management bodies and political parties to help improve the quality of elections and civic and voter education.  
Finally, we conduct research to identify drivers of conflict within the Somali region and seek strategies to address them. 

In Somalia and Somaliland we are working on:

Community security – we support communities in Somalia to influence how state institutions can help communities become safer.


Governance and peacebuilding – we support civil society’s crucial role in observing elections, increasing civic engagement and improving voter education.

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Research and policy – sound analysis for Somalia to build a lasting peace.

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