Photo credit: International IDEA
Photo credit: International IDEA

Research and policy

Saferworld conducts in-depth research to ensure our programming, advocacy and communications is underpinned by sound analysis. Our research is varied, from understanding the attitudes and perceptions of community members towards democratic reforms, to how federal state formation is impacting governance and reconciliation in Jubaland. We have carried out consultations and research to assess the feasibility of alternative political approaches to building better conditions for peace. We did this by evaluating lessons from comparable situations to understand the risks, opportunities and challenges; by assessing the effectiveness of current approaches; and by identifying Somali and international entities who can influence the path to peace. 
We also work in close partnership with Somali groups and partners to support their research and ensure that analysis is grounded in their understanding of conflict, governance and state formation.  
Saferworld’s Somalia and Somaliland team conducts advocacy across all our programmes, engaging international and Somali decision makers on policy and practice recommendations, informed through our experience in and knowledge of the context. Our advocacy has addressed issues of democracy and good governance, gender equality, peacebuilding and how the international community can better engage in Somalia to tackle issues that are of concern to citizens. 


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