Key issues for ATT implementation: Information exchange under the ATT

Draft Chair’s Interim Conclusions from deliberations of the Expert Group on ATT Implementation

In December 2014 the Arms Trade Treaty became international law; work must now be stepped up to ensure progressive interpretation and full implementation of the Treaty by all States Parties. In order to support this effort, Saferworld has established the informal Expert Group on ATT Implementation (EGAI) which involves work with a group of government and civil society experts to develop common understandings around Treaty implementation. The aim is to promote a clear appreciation of how the operational effectiveness of the Treaty can be maximised thus facilitating consistent and robust implementation.

In order to share the EGAI’s views on Treaty application and implementation amongst the widest possible audience, Saferworld is producing and disseminating a series of briefings from the EGAI process. The first of these briefings seeks to show how sharing information can contribute to key functions of the ATT, thus supporting the development of a robust and enduring regime.

Read the briefing here: Key issues for ATT implementation: Information exchange under the ATT.

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“In addition to enabling States to demonstrate the quality and extent of their implementation efforts and compliance with their obligations under the ATT, information sharing will also enable exchanges of experiences, good practices and lessons learned, thereby helping to promote more effective Treaty implementation.”

Expert Group on ATT Implementation