Strong voices

Yemeni women's political participation from protest to transition

One of the biggest surprises of the peaceful protests that swept Yemen in 2011 has been the visibility and participation of women in the calls for change. This report is developed from a desire to better understand the dynamics and impact of women’s involvement in the protests, to assess the priorities of women in the transition period, and to hear first-hand about ways in which local, national and international policies can best support the political participation of women in Yemen. It is driven by the belief that women’s voices are valuable and that incorporating their priorities, concerns and ideas into Yemeni politics will further Yemen’s chances for peace and prosperity.

Based on focus group discussions with women from different backgrounds in Aden, Sa’ada, Sana’a and Ta’iz, the report seeks to shed light on the participation of women in street and institutional politics during Yemen’s change processes in 2011 and 2012, as perceived by women themselves. According to the consultations, women see their participation as part of a wider struggle against broader systems of oppression and in support of justice and equality for all Yemeni citizens.

Read the full report in English or in Arabic.

This report was produced as part of the EU-funded People’s Peacemaking Perspectives project.



“I am optimistic that in the future there will be a role for women in political life…but not in the near future. ”

Housewife from Taiz - Strong voices report