Addressing gender-based violence against women activists in Somalia: Violence Observatory Systems

Women activists, peacebuilders and journalists in Somalia are leading efforts to improve gender equality, human rights and peacebuilding. Their work, which often challenges established gender norms, makes them susceptible to violence, particularly as existing support and protection mechanisms against gender-based violence are limited.  

Saferworld and partners the Somalia Women’s Study Centre and the Somali Women’s Development Centre are supporting women activists in the country. We’ve established Violence Observatory Systems, which provide a systematic process for managing data on violence against women, as well as guiding survivors to appropriate referral services. Complementing this is a micro-grant initiative that helps women journalists document their experiences, creating a strong evidence base to bolster women activists’ advocacy efforts.  

This briefing provides an overview of our work and its impact, and presents recommendations for how government, civil society and international donors can practically support the safety and rights of women in Somalia. 

Read the briefing here.

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