The EU, arms, and the new world disorder

In July 2023, Saferworld and the European External Action Service co-hosted the 2023 COARM-NGO forum: ‘The EU, arms, and the new world disorder’. This report provides an overview of the key points raised at the forum. 

Through the EU Working Group on Conventional Arms Exports (COARM), EU member states communicate and share information on their arms export policies and practices. The annual COARM-NGO forum, convened by Saferworld, brings together representatives from civil society and EU member states to discuss pertinent issues related to the export of conventional arms. 

The forum took place in the context of an upcoming review of EU Common Position 2008/944/CFSP, around thematic areas covered by the three COARM focus groups on: further harmonisation, commonly produced military equipment and enforcement challenges. The discussion was shaped by the broader context of current geostrategic shifts, including the war in Ukraine, Europe’s deteriorating relationship with China, and the EU’s adoption of an increasingly hard security approach in terms of foreign and security policy. The forum concluded with a discussion on the ongoing review of the Arms Trade Treaty process.   

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