Inclusive public participation and equitable resource allocation in Kenya: Lessons from Isiolo and Makueni

Public involvement in local government decision-making is crucial for sustainable peace. In this report, we hear from people in two counties in Kenya – Isiolo and Makueni – to compare the progress made to strengthen public participation in decision-making.

In 2010, Kenya moved from a central to a devolved system of government. This created structures for public involvement in county-level decision-making and the equitable allocation of resources for development and services – two areas identified as crucial for harnessing sustainable peace and social cohesion.

In 2017, Saferworld published an initial report exploring the ways in which Isiolo county had delivered on the promise of greater inclusion, accountability and peace. In this follow-up study, we spoke to members of county assemblies, civil society organisations, and religious and community leaders to compare the progress Isiolo has made to the steps taken by Makueni county to strengthen inclusion. The report also offers recommendations for how national and county governments, donors and civil society can help to implement sustainable, community-led development.  

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