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Saferworld's annual review 2021–22

2021–22 was another tumultuous year, where the global challenges we face – including growing insecurity and conflict – remained as poignant as ever.  

Our 2021–22 annual review highlights the determination of our partners and our commitments to continue playing a part in making their efforts even more resilient and effective. 

Highlights from our 2021–22 annual review – which covers the first year of our 2021–31 strategy – include:  

  • supporting women’s rights organisations in Yemen, South Sudan and Nigeria to enjoy greater financial and operational sustainability through the provision of flexible core grants 
  • the resolution of community conflicts related to natural resource tensions that were exacerbated by climate change in Yemen, Uganda and South Sudan 
  • moving from gender-sensitive practice to gender-transformative programming, research and advocacy, in recognition of the links between conflict, violence and gender inequality 
  • successfully advocating for the revised UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy to incorporate vital safeguards on civic space, human rights and gender 
  • playing a leading role in helping to deliver consistent and coherent civil society engagement in the formal Arms Trade Treaty process 
  • piloting different ways of working to support a wider spectrum of groups, networks and organisations, as part of our commitment to equitable partnerships

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