Resourcing change: supporting women’s rights organisations in fragile and conflict-affected states

Core, flexible and accessible funding – in recognition of women’s rights organisations’ greater knowledge and experience of their contexts – enables them to prioritise and respond to what’s needed. 
Funded by the UK’s Conflict, Stability and Security Fund, our ‘Resourcing Change’ project – in partnership with WILPF and Women for Women International – has provided 21 women’s rights organisations in Nigeria, South Sudan and Yemen with an average of £35,000 in flexible core funding, with relatively easier requirements and processes. 
This funding has enabled them to continue responding to their self-identified community needs even when things change unexpectedly, strengthen their organisational capacities to work independently and allowed them to come together and learn from each other.
This briefing paper presents the main outcomes and learning from this project and sets out recommendations for donors and international organisations seeking to support women’s rights organisations in fragile and conflict-affected states.

Download the briefing in English and Arabic.

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