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Saferworld's annual review 2020–21

As COVID-19 continues to pose challenges for peacebuilding, it also teaches us new ways to stand together with communities affected by conflict and with our partners. Together, we work to prevent violent conflict and build safer lives.

In our 2020–21 annual review, covering the last year of our 2017–2021 strategy, you can find how we have been working to build peace, always putting people and partners at the heart of our efforts. Some of the examples you can find in this annual review include:

  • how we supported partners and communities we work with to lead COVID-19 prevention and treatment initiatives
  • our project to unite women peacebuilders in Yemen via a WhatsApp-based peacebuilding course
  • how we supported community groups, civil society organisations and authorities to research, discuss, prioritise and advocate for people-centred security and justice globally
  • our work with the Arms Trade Treaty Expert Group in advocating for transparent and effective regulation of the international arms trade, effectively preventing human suffering associated with the illicit and irresponsible trade in arms.

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