The rise of counter-terrorism at the United Nations: two decades later

Twenty years since the adoption of UN Security Council Resolution 1373, how has the United Nations (UN) learnt to co-exist with the resulting global ‘war on terror’?

Produced in partnership with Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, this report asks whether compromises made by the UN to integrate counter-terrorism into its structure and operations have ultimately enhanced or undermined its potential to support efforts to build peace, development and human rights.

From the ‘cornerstone’ of UNSCR 1373 through to the Seventh review of the UN Global Counter-terrorism strategy, this report explores the rise of counter-terrorism at the UN and looks at:

  • How this shift has affected the UN and the people it serves?
  • What are the current impacts and future threats?
  • What should be done in response?  

Read the report here.

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