Arms exports, terror and crime: Reducing risk under the Arms Trade Treaty

This briefing – the seventh in our ATT Expert Group series – aims to stimulate and contribute to debate around the little-discussed topic of how to implement the terrorism and transnational organised crime (TNOC) provisions of the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). It provides a legal analysis of these provisions within Article 7(1)(b)(iii-iv), laying out relevant international conventions and protocols, exploring the meanings of several key terms in Article 7, and considering how the ATT risk assessment asks States Parties to consider the interplay between terrorism and TNOC on the one hand, and peace and security on the other.

The paper concludes by exploring how this analysis can help inform States Parties’ export risk assessment processes, aided by a few hypothetical case studies. Finally, in an effort to provide concrete and tangible tools for States Parties as they work to implement the ATT uniformly, annexed to the briefing is a comprehensive list and explanation of the offences laid out in the 23 conventions and protocols relating to terrorism and TNOC.  

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