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Gender-sensitive conflict analysis: a facilitation guide

Gender-sensitive conflict analysis is a starting point that enables peacebuilding organisations to understand how gender inequality fuels conflict and discrimination, exclusionary politics and violence against marginalised groups in society. It also highlights how different types of violence are used to maintain power in public (political) and private (family and community) spaces, and how these spaces are connected.

For organisations working in places affected by conflict and violence, a gender-sensitive conflict analysis provides a chance to move beyond gender-sensitive peacebuilding practice into seeking to promote equality and meaningful participation that leads to structural change.

The guide is intended to support facilitators to undertake a participatory gender-sensitive conflict analysis. It seeks to:

  • Explain how to design and facilitate a flexible and participatory three-day gender-sensitive workshop.
  • Provide step-by-step guidance and participatory tools to analyse gender, peace, violence and conflict for any given context.
  • Position practitioners to apply this analysis to policy thinking and programme design and implementation, which can range from gender-sensitive to gender-transformative peacebuilding practice.

Download the guide here.

This guide is also available in Russian, FrenchSpanish and Arabic.

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