Federalism, conflict and peace in Nepal

Nepal has experienced one of the most rapid political changes in its history. From a monarchy with a centralised government to a secular and federal republic.

In this paper, we discuss Saferworld’s learning from over ten years of programming and research in Nepal. We explore the interrelated nature of governance and conflict, highlighting the need to incorporate a peacebuilding lens into governance programmes. We look at conflict risks and outline recommendations for programming that can help build the foundations of sustainable peace in Nepal.  

As the COVID-19 situation at the time of writing is evolving, this paper touches on the pandemic’s impact. While it does not go into significant detail, its findings are relevant to programmatic responses to the COVID-19 crisis, given the paper’s focus on the underlying risks to stability in Nepal. 

Read the paper: ‘Federalism, conflict and peace in Nepal: lessons for governance programming’. 

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