Time to invest: how to support action on SDG16+

Four years into the implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 16+ (SDG16+), the picture is not encouraging. Efforts to mobilise action and generate investments for SDG16+ have fallen short and, unless something changes, will fail to achieve the global commitment to building more peaceful, just and inclusive societies by 2030.

But as we show in our latest briefing, with a coherent approach and focused action there is still time to turn the situation around. Although many of the issues that fall under SDG16+ are complex and politically sensitive, there are a number of lessons and successes that will help practitioners better understand how to effectively support action on SDG16+.

This briefing focuses on:

  • the different ways that donors and policymakers can support action on SDG16+
  • a review of where and how support has been provided so far
  • the need for a more balanced and concerted approach to supporting action on SDG16+
  • how to enable action on SDG16+ at the national and sub-national level

Download the briefing here.

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