Security integration in conflict-affected societies: considerations for Myanmar

Myanmar's peace process has brought to the fore critical debates about the future of the country’s security sector and the establishment of a federal system of government. This paper, draws on the experiences of countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas to offer technical and political insights for Myanmar.

In the second in our security integration in Myanmar series, we examine three themes:

  • sustaining security sector negotiations and making them more inclusive;
  • the institutional features of security sectors in federal countries;
  • and the integration of non-state armed groups with national security bodies.

The paper aims to support reflection and promote discussion on how to develop a more inclusive security sector in Myanmar – one that will meet the needs of the country’s diverse ethnic and religious communities and help consolidate long-term peace and stability. It provides insights that can hopefully be drawn upon by those both inside and outside the Myanmar peace process to influence and inform the security integration debate and to make it more inclusive.

Read Security integration in conflict-affected societies: Considerations for Myanmar.

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