Implementing the ATT: undertaking an arms transfer risk assessment

Now that the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) is international law, Saferworld is working to ensure progressive interpretation and full implementation of the Treaty by all States Parties. Saferworld’s ATT Expert Group is made up of government and civil society experts working to develop common understandings around ATT implementation.

In the sixth briefing of the ATT Expert Group series, Saferworld explores the requirement under Article 6 (Prohibitions) and Article 7 (Export and Export Assessment) of the Arms Trade Treaty: to asses and evaluate the potential consequences that may arise from a proposed export of arms listed under Article 2(1) and of their parts and components (Article 3) and their ammunition (Article 4).

This briefing is aimed primarily towards states with little experience in this field. It is intended as a contribution towards the development of a wider understanding of the arms export risk assessment process and provides specific guidance on how this can be operationalised.

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