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Policing resources

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Saferworld has compiled a list of resources on policing:

Basic standards for policing

Amnesty International 10 Basic Human Rights Standards for Law Enforcement Officials

UN Basic Principles on the Use of Force and Firearms (available in all UN languages)

UN Code of conduct for Law Enforcement Officials (available in all UN languages)

UN International Human Rights Standards for Law Enforcement (available in all UN languages)

Philosophy and guiding principles of community-based and democratic policing

OSCE Guidebook on Democratic Policing

Saferworld 10 Principles of Community-based Policing

Saferworld Philosophy and Principles of Community Based Policing

Saferworld Community-based Policing Training Pack

US Department of Justice Democratising the Police Abroad

International Peace Academy and Saferworld Police Reform through Community-Based Policing

Examples of police codes of ethics: Police Service of Northern Ireland Code of Ethics (UK), Association of Chief Police Officers Code of Ethics (UK) and European Code of Police Ethics


Civic Union for Reform and Results (Kyrgyzstan) Trust Through Public Accountability

DCAF Toolkit on Police Integrity

Saferworld Community-based policing training pack: Police transparency and accountability handout 

Examples of legislation: Independent Policing Oversight Authority (Kenya) and Police and Criminal Evidence Act (UK)

Example recommendations: A New Beginning: Policing in Northern Ireland. The report of the Independent Commission on Policing for Northern Ireland (Patten Report)

Police organisation

Saferworld Organisational structure of the police in the UK

Police decentralisation

Saferworld Police Decentralisation

Association of Police and Crime Commissioners Police Crime Commissioners in England and Wales

Christopher Paun Democratization and Police Reform

Diego Esparza Police Centralization and Public Security in Mexico

Gender and policing

DCAF Police Reform and Gender Tool 

Northern Ireland Policing Board Gender Action Plan

UK Government, Home Office Ending Violence Against Women and Girls

Institute for Security Studies Recent Initiatives in Addressing Gender Violence in South Africa

OSCE/ODIHR/Instraw/DCAF Police Reform and Gender

DCAF Gender Initiatives in the National Police: Nicaragua

Protest policing

An example manual: Association of Chief Police Officers (UK) Manual of Guidance on Keeping the Peace

Arrest and detention

Elrena Van Der Spuy (University of Cape Town, Institute of Criminology) Monitoring Police Custody as a Device for Accountability 

An example of legislation: Police and Criminal Evidence Act (UK)

Police use of force

Amnesty International Use of force: Guidelines for the implementation of the UN basic principles on the use of force and firearms by law enforcement officials

Counter-terrorism policing

OSCE Preventing Terrorism and Countering Violent Extremism and Radicalization that Lead to Terrorism: A Community-Policing Approach

Saferworld Counterterrorism legislation, USA & UK

UNODC Model Legislative Provisions Against Terrorism


Saferworld UK Security Institutions

Police reform case studies

Saferworld A decade of police reforms and the future of policing in Kenya

Saferworld Institutionalising police reforms in Kenya

Civil society visions for police reform

National Initiative for Police Reform (NIPR) Police Reform Proposal 4

Surveys: perceptions of the police

Examples of security perceptions surveys and integrating community perspectives into policing:

Saferworld Peace, Security and Stability in Georgia: A community-informed strategy

Saferworld Public Perceptions of Safety and Security in Kosovo: Time to Act

Saferworld Security Provision in Bangladesh: A Public Perceptions Survey

General resources and overviews

Anneke Osse (Amnesty International) Understanding Policing: A Resource for Human Rights Activists