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Event: Outcome harvesting training

15 July 2019

Using outcome monitoring and harvesting to support adaptive programming and advocacy

Do you work in complex and conflict-affected contexts? Are you looking for a way to make monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) a collective enterprise that allows you and your partners to adapt? Would you like to collect better data – data that reflects the focus you have on changing practice, behaviour and relationships?

Saferworld is now offering workshops to share our MEL approach. Designed and developed over seven years, we have embedded the method in all Saferworld programmes and use it successfully to advocate for change. Workshops cover the basic aspects of developing and using an outcome-focused monitoring and learning system and provide insights and practical tips for putting such a system in place.

These workshops are useful for all those who have ever struggled with MEL concepts and practice, and would like to do things a bit differently.


We want to build participants’ practical experience of outcome monitoring and harvesting, so that they:

  • can understand the thinking behind the approach and its value for adaptive programming, organisational learning and mutual accountability
  • can identify when it is appropriate to use this method
  • are able to apply the steps and principles of the method using practical examples of their own


Workshops will be interactive and participatory, with a strong focus on exercises and group work. Practical examples from the participants and facilitator(s) will be used to explore the approach for different contexts.

Who should attend?

Workshops are intended for those managing projects and programmes in complex environments with some experience of monitoring and evaluation. However, newcomers to the field are always welcome.

For more information about fees, booking and dates, please contact Saferworld:

Phone: +44 (0)20 7324 4646      Email: training@saferworld.org.uk

The facilitation team

Madeline Church, Head of Organisational Development Unit, Saferworld.

Madeline leads Saferworld’s Organisational Development Unit, which runs our innovative outcome monitoring and harvesting system, our cross-organisational learning agenda, our strategic planning and strategic grant reporting, and our systems development. She has 25 years of experience as an evaluator, facilitator, innovator, and organisational development professional and systems thinker in conflict prevention, peacebuilding, human rights, internal displacement and network/platform development. She has over 20 years of MEL experience, with a particular focus on ensuring everyone involved in any project or programme system becomes adept at understanding, tracking and analysing change as it happens, and recording ‘in-time’ evidence to foster learning and adaptation. She has designed a new MEL framework, Theory of Change, and an online results app for Saferworld, which engages all staff and partners in regular review and analysis of changes they are fostering and adapts work accordingly.

Silke Nebenführ-Keith, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Adviser, Saferworld.

As Saferworld’s MEL lead, Silke manages the outcome monitoring and harvesting system for our country, policy and advocacy programmes, supporting teams and partners in collecting evidence and demonstrating change. She regularly uses the outcome monitoring and harvesting system to inform external evaluations and internal reviews of Saferworld’s country programmes. Silke has 15 years of experience managing projects and programmes with a strong MEL focus, including tracking advocacy and programme results, in peacebuilding, human rights, good governance and international development. For over 12 years, she has facilitated trainings for communities, civil society, and local and national-level authorities in Bangladesh, Kenya, Kosovo, Senegal and Sri Lanka among others, and for international organisations, including the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, the Council of Europe and the United Nations.

Ariana Martini, Organisational Development and Partnerships Adviser, Saferworld.

Ariana joined Saferworld in 2009 and currently works as an Adviser in the Organisational Development Unit. She brings over 10 years of experience managing and supporting monitoring and learning processes of complex, multi-country programmes on conflict and post-conflict issues. Prior to joining the Organisational Development Unit, Ariana managed a multi-country community security and peacebuilding programme for Saferworld in Bangladesh, South Sudan and Yemen, supporting teams, partners and community groups on planning, monitoring and evaluation processes and methodology – which introduced a new process of outcome monitoring and harvesting – and evidence collection. Ariana currently leads Saferworld’s efforts to ensure our partners have a greater say in everything we do, through the development of a new partnerships strategy, a partner forum, and by testing new ways of working so that they have greater influence in decision-making.     

To find out more about the approach Saferworld uses, please see our learning paper and Madeline Church’s blog and podcast.