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Saferworld welcomes Medinat Abdulazeez Malefakis

9 February 2024 Scott Yearsley Saferworld welcomes Medinat Abdulazeez Malefakis

We are delighted to welcome Dr Medinat Abdulazeez Malefakis, who joins our Trustees on the Boards of Saferworld and Saferworld Europe. 

Medinat brings a wealth of expertise in the fields of terrorism, violent conflicts, humanitarian displacement and peacebuilding. She is a senior lecturer at the NADEL (Centre for Development and Cooperation) at the ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal University of Technology). Before NADEL, she was a Junior Fellow at the Collegium Helveticum of the ETH, Nigerian Research Expert/Facilitator at the Centre for Security Studies (ETH), and conflict analyst (West, East and Southern Africa) at the Norwegian Refugee Council in Geneva.

Medinat is the board chair for Build UP, leads the Nigeria country portfolio for the Global Survivors Fund, and sits as a member of the Independent Review Panel for the Global Community Engagement and Resilience Fund (GCERF) in Geneva.

We look forward to the insights and experience Medinat will bring as we continue to deliver on our ten-year strategy and work towards a safer world.