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The United States is the largest spender on both foreign aid and defence, and its policies and actions shape peace and security around the world. With indications that US policy under the current administration is becoming increasingly aggressive and militarised, it is more important than ever to propose evidence-based alternative solutions that build peace and security.

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Saferworld works with the US government and Congress, civil society and the media to create a deeper understanding of the factors causing violent conflict. Through panel discussions, training sessions and roundtables, our experts and partners from around the world cite the evidence and experience gained in our programmes in countries such as Yemen, Bangladesh, Somalia and South Sudan.

We also undertake research to explore more effective directions for US policy on conflict and security issues, such as countering violent extremism, aid effectiveness and civil-military interaction.

"To steer US policy in a new direction, they must be careful to avoid a narrow focus on battling ‘extremism’ at the expense of addressing the underlying human security and governance deficits that cause violence and state fragility."

Jason Calder, Saferworld USA Head of Office

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