Photo credit: Marcus Perkins/Saferworld
Photo credit: Marcus Perkins/Saferworld

Justice and peace

Political and economic marginalisation, discrimination along racial, ethnic or religious lines, and gender-based violence are chronic injustices that many people experience every day. These are long-term, deep-seated problems that can leave people feeling wronged and powerless and increase the potential for violence. Improving the relationships, structures and behaviours that act as barriers to justice is vital for long-term peace.

Our work

Promoting justice is often about creating fairer power structures locally, nationally and internationally. We work in partnership to improve the relationships and behaviours that inhibit justice. This is vital for long-term peace and for preventing conflicts. We use this research as the basis for our work to develop and advocate for justice systems that respond to people’s needs and promote peace. We challenge power and justice structures that reinforce social, political and economic injustices.

We support marginalised groups, including women and ethnic minorities, in practical ways to improve their access to justice and the relationships they have with justice providers.


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