Photo credit: Stuart Price/UN
Photo credit: Stuart Price/UN

Alternative approaches to counter-terrorism

Responding to terrorism is top of the political agenda worldwide. But interventions in Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan, and targeting militant groups in Somalia, Yemen, Syria and Pakistan haven’t stopped violence or created peace. The imperative to combat violent groups and stem migration is leading to support for short-term military focused responses, and the erosion of established international norms on human rights, security and migration. Current approaches can reinforce abusive and corrupt behaviour in the short-term and contribute to longer-term drivers of conflict such as inequality, marginalisation and bad governance.

Our work

We promote a fresh approach that prioritises long-term peace, rights and development – addressing the underlying drivers of conflict while taking proportionate and appropriate steps to keep people safe from violence. 

We research the impact of counter-terror and stabilisation efforts in countries like Afghanistan, Kenya, Somalia, Tunisia and Yemen. Using this evidence, we try to help decision makers learn from past mistakes and adopt strategies for peace that support societies to tackle the factors that drive conflict.

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