Photo credit: Stuart Price/UN
Photo credit: Stuart Price/UN

Peacebuilding responses to terrorism and migration

Growing instability across the Middle East, Asia and many parts of Africa has presented huge challenges for international communities – most notably record levels of forced displacement and terror attacks. The international responses have often been short-term and counter-productive. We believe that only peacebuilding responses can offer lasting solutions.

Our work

Saferworld looks at crises and threats from the perspectives of people in the worst-affected places. We promote action that is initiated by the communities themselves, and that effectively addresses the real causes of conflict-related crises and threats. We also aim to promote long-term peace through conducting analysis and setting up policy dialogue with governments, international organisations and civil society, on peace, terrorism and stability, and responses to forced displacement.

Alternative approaches to counter-terrorism –  we use evidence from research to promote a long-term approach that addresses the causes of conflict and prioritises peace, rights and development.


Addressing the drivers of forced migration 
– we work to address the underlying factors that force people to flee their homes, and we promote inclusive, transparent responses which put people at the heart of peacebuilding policies.


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