Photo credit: Lucian Harriman/Saferworld
Photo credit: Lucian Harriman/Saferworld


We believe that people and communities in conflict-affected countries should lead long-term efforts for structural change and lasting peace. Effective partnerships that benefit everyone are central to our strategy, approach and to how we work.

Our work

We strive to maintain long-term partnerships with organisations in conflict-affected contexts, especially those with a track record of leadership, experience and expertise. We seek to build trust with our partners while also ensuring that we continue to challenge and learn from each other.

To support people living with violence and insecurity, we provide peacebuilding resources, offer technical expertise and bring communities’ concerns to decision-makers involved in setting policies relating to peace and security. By amplifying the voices of people, their concerns and solutions can be incorporated into discussions at different levels of power. We also form links with development actors, business leaders, elected representatives, academics, international and multilateral bodies and others so that we can better pressure decision-makers, and more effectively build sustainable peace and security.

We also run learning exchanges with our partners, connecting people around the world through project review meetings, training activities and learning events. Partners are active participants in these cross-organisational learning and practice groups, where they participate in exchanges between country programmes, or get involved in project planning and ongoing monitoring. They also play a crucial role in planning, developing strategies and in our conflict analysis, ensuring that a broad range of perspectives inform our work.

Saferworld has formal partnership agreements with over 60 partners in the countries where we work. We also work in close collaboration with other national and international coalitions, networks and alliances to push for policies that help people affected by violent conflict and create conditions for peace worldwide.

For a full list of our partners, click here.

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