North Africa

The 2011 Arab uprisings in North Africa brought down regimes across the region. The dramatic transition period that followed has led to instability, insecurity, difficult living conditions and frustration for people who had hoped for a better future. Despite the many challenges, people aspire for positive change. 

Our work

Since 2011, Saferworld has been working with partners in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia to support civil society’s efforts to promote safe societies where people have a voice. In Egypt, we supported efforts to modernise the police force, and provided technical expertise on policing to civil society groups. In Libya, we supported women’s participation in debates about security and we helped to address the barriers that women face when taking part in political life. In our work on international approaches to counter-terrorism, we analyse security challenges and responses in Tunisia and Egypt, to inform the development of long-term sustainable visions for peace.

In North Africa we are working on:

Civil society and the security sector – we support civil society organisations working to create an open political space to address questions of security. 

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Gender, peace and security – to improve women’s security, we promote women’s participation in public life.

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