Warpod special series: Reckoning with 9/11

For twenty years since the attacks of 11 September 2001, the United States and its allies have invested extraordinary political, financial and military resources to wage a global ‘war on terror’. The attacks and the response to them has had huge human, economic and social impacts all over the world.

This eight-part special series of the Warpod, ‘Reckoning with 9/11’, brings together experts from around the world on responses to 9/11 to reflect on the impacts of 9/11 across the world, considering the conflicts that emerged in response, the legal and security reforms that changed people's lives and societies, and the impacts on many cultures.

The series runs weekly every Thursday from 9 September – 4 November 2021. It is created by Saferworld with support from Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, and produced by the Podcast Company.

The views and opinions expressed during the podcast are those of the contributors. They are not the views or opinions of Saferworld.

For more reflections from series guests on the consequences of 9/11 and where we go from here, check out related articles at Just Security, produced in cooperation with Saferworld.

List of Warpod special series 'Reckoning with 9/11' episodes:

Episode 1: Ground zero 

Episode 2: Into the land of bones

Episode 3: Overreach in Iraq

Episode 4: More unending wars: Yemen and Somalia

Episode 5: Evolutions: Remote Warfare & CVE

Episode 6: Weaponising the war on terror

Episode 7: Bringing it all back home

Episode 8: Is ‘9/11 paradigm' here to stay?