Saferworld’s Warpod episode 14: New perspectives on stabilisation

“Peace is not a technical process. Peace is deeply political.”

In this episode, we explore new perspectives about what works when trying to stabilise countries troubled by long-lasting violence, crime and terrorism. What happens to societies when they’re affected by extreme violence and proscribed groups? What leads to (relative) success when building pathways to peace and security? What role do people, governments and civil society play? Using examples such as Colombia, Iraq, and Northern Ireland – our guests explore these hard questions and share lessons for what works in complex conflicts with difficult stabilisation dynamics.

We are joined by:

  • Larry Attree, independent researcher on peace and conflict issues
  • Andrei Gomez-Suarez, Senior Research Fellow, the Centre for Religion, Reconciliation and Peace
  • Rachel Kleinfeld, Senior Fellow, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace; author, ‘A Savage Order: How the world’s deadliest countries can forge a path to security’

Please note the views and opinions expressed during the podcast are those of the contributors featured. They are not necessarily the views or opinions of Saferworld.

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