Photo credit: Rodi Said/Reuters
Photo credit: Rodi Said/Reuters

Syria and the Levant

Following the 2011 Arab uprisings, the Levant region has undergone drastic changes with global impact. The  ongoing war in Syria is destroying lives and communities across the country. Over ten million Syrians are displaced, both within Syria and outside its borders. Syria’s neighbours – Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey – are also deeply affected.

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Saferworld has been working on the Levant region since 2014. Together with our partners, we have researched and analysed tensions emerging from the crisis looking at the high levels of incoming Syrian refugees to Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon.

Listening to both host communities and Syrian refugee arrivals, we gain broader perspectives of migration and the impact it has on peace and stability. Lack of access to social services, high unemployment and underlying local governance issues are exacerbating conflicts.

We also deliver trainings on conflict sensitivity, conflict analysis and gender sensitivity to international organisations and local civil society organisations. The aim of these trainings is to improve the relevance and appropriateness of humanitarian and peacebuilding projects to their conflict settings and to gender roles and impacts. 

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