Photo credit: Emmanuel O Productions/Saferworld
Photo credit: Emmanuel O Productions/Saferworld


Kenya moved from a central to a devolved system of government in 2010, transferring greater decision-making powers to its 47 counties. This offers Kenyans more opportunities to have a say in how their counties are governed and for building peace. But devolution has brought new challenges, exacerbating election tensions and increasing competition for power and resources within the devolved units.

Our work

Saferworld has been working with partners in Kenya since 2000 to prevent violence and build more peaceful and safer communities. We work with a wide range of groups, including communities, national and county-level government, the National Steering Committee on Peacebuilding and Conflict Management, various commissions, the police service, and civil society organisations.

With our partners we work with young people to build their skills in peacebuilding, support communities to work together to prevent violence around elections and governance issues as well as conflicts stemming from the effects of climate change, and improve how security and justice services are provided and assessed.

In Kenya we are working on:

Elections – we work to reduce tensions and prevent violent conflict during elections.

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Supporting young people – we work with young people to ensure they’re involved in decision-making integral for long-term peace.

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Climate governance – we work with authorities and communities to better address the effects of climate change. 

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Human rights, safety and security – we work to build trust and relationships between communities and the police.

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