Photo credit: Ramon Sanchez Orense/Saferworld
Photo credit: Ramon Sanchez Orense/Saferworld

Gender, peace and security

The impacts of conflict and insecurity are different for women, girls, men and boys. The way people behave is also influenced by their social, cultural and political context that can reinforce expected roles for women, men and gender minorities. Where these underlying gender norms give rise to negative attitudes and behaviours they can be both a driver of conflict and an obstacle to peace. Unless violent or negative gender norms are recognised, challenged and transformed, little sustainable change in other areas of gender, peace and security will be possible.

Our work

Understanding the links between gender, peace and security is fundamental to Saferworld’s work.

We integrate a strong gender perspective into our community security programming, working with partners to understand the particular challenges faced by women and girls and supporting women’s participation in public debate, policy-making and peace processes.

Building on the momentum established by UN Security Council Resolution 1325 and the renewed focus brought by Goal 5 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we support states and civil society to translate these international commitments into gender-sensitive programmes that deliver tangible results for women, girls, men and boys. In addition, through our research we seek to understand and address the links between masculinities and violent conflict.


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