Photo credit: European Union
Photo credit: European Union

Global policy and advocacy

International security and development policies should help build a world that's safer, more prosperous and where people can live their lives in peace. Yet this is not always the case – too often because the voices of people affected by conflict and violence are excluded from the conversations and decisions that affect their future.

Our work

We work globally to push for national, regional and international peace and security policies that help people affected by violent conflict and create conditions for peace worldwide.

Using the evidence and experience drawn from our partners, communities and programmes around the world, we advocate for changes that favour conflict-affected communities. We do this by meeting and coordinating with international policymakers and peacebuilding practitioners to address the underlying drivers of conflict, and by supporting our partners and other affected communities to do so too. This makes the policies and practices that influence conflict more effective and informed.

We work with a range of institutions and governments that are at the centre of international peacebuilding and conflict prevention, including the United Nations, European Union, and the governments of the United States, China, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

News and analysis


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