Photo credit: Pete Muller/Saferworld
Photo credit: Pete Muller/Saferworld

Global action against conflict

International security and development policies should make people safer and more prosperous. They can establish links between peace and development processes, mobilise resources, and build support for real change in countries affected by conflict and violence.

If hard-fought international policy successes – such as the Arms Trade Treaty and the 2030 Agenda – are to deliver tangible improvements in people’s safety, security and livelihoods, states must work with a broad range of civil society and others to turn international commitments into action.

Our work

With a central focus on people, Saferworld promotes peace, and works to improve the impact of international policies and actions on conflict-affected societies.

We work with civil society organisations, governments and other networks to ensure that conflict prevention is at the heart of global initiatives, such as the 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development, and that governments are able to monitor their progress towards peace. We provide advice directly to decision makers, and through submissions, conferences and evaluations we make the case for peacebuilding by drawing on evidence from our programmes.

The 2030 Agenda – we work to ensure that the international commitments of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development are turned into action.


The Arms Trade Treaty – we work to ensure that this treaty to regulate the global arms trade is applied effectively by as many states as possible.


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