Photo credit: Karen Wykurz/Saferworld
Photo credit: Karen Wykurz/Saferworld

Open information and transparency

While seeking to maximise our transparency, there will be circumstances in which we may choose not to disclose certain information to avoid compromising our ability to deliver projects in specific locations, or risking the safety and security of our staff, partners and communities we work with. We will not publish information on activities which would:

  • place the security of staff, partners or communities at risk;
  • harm Saferworld or our partners’ operations, resulting in them being banned, restricted or suspended, or cause a negative impact on the communities we work with;
  • break legal, copyright, child protection, data protection, partner confidentiality, commercial or contractual obligations;
  • harm either the financial interests or the intellectual property rights of Saferworld or our partners.

Similarly we will not upload documents such as project proposals, offline reports, etc. We have published data on our projects since the financial year 2011/2012 through the IATI Standard, which can be found on the IATI Registry. This data will be updated in line with donor reporting timelines over the lifetimes of the projects.

Our IATI data is available to view or download as an xml file here.

If you would like to find out more about our work, the Issues and Where we work pages on this website are regularly updated to cover all of our current projects and areas of work.

Saferworld is an independent organisation, with no religious, political or government affiliations.