Photo credit: Control Arms
Photo credit: Control Arms

The Arms Trade Treaty: a global arms trade standard

The global treaty to regulate the international arms trade – the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) – became international law in 2014. While it has the potential to reduce suffering and death resulting from irresponsible and poorly regulated arms and ammunition sales, there is still a lot of work to do to ensure that the ATT fulfils its purpose.

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Saferworld was instrumental in developing the concept of the ATT and we worked for over 20 years to bring it into force. Now that the Treaty is in place, we are working to ensure it is properly implemented. We provide critical, analytical, legal and technical support to countries as they develop and implement the laws and regulations needed to comply with their ATT commitments.

Our technical expertise in arms control and our contribution to ATT advocacy is complemented by the efforts of our international civil society partners. Together, we mobilise and influence public and political opinion to ensure the Treaty is applied effectively by as many states as possible.


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