Africa-China-EU Project on arms

The illegal flow of arms and ammunition is fuelling civil wars and enabling violent groups to launch attacks against governments, communities, humanitarian and development workers in Africa. The project aims to tackle this issue by promoting three-way dialogue and cooperation between people, civil organisations and institutions in Africa, China and the European Union (EU).

This project was granted to us on 31 July 2019, when the European Union Council passed Council Decision (CFSP) 2019/1298 in support of ‘Africa-China-Europe dialogue and cooperation on preventing the diversion of arms and ammunition in Africa’.

Our work

Saferworld is responsible for the successful implementation of this three year project.

Our work will raise awareness in Africa, China and the EU on how the illicit flow of arms – particularly small arms and light weapons and ammunition – increases insecurity and violence, and undermines public security, socio-economic development and governments’ functions. The project also promotes accountability and responsibility around the legal arms trade, by demonstrating how effective arms export control can mitigate the risks of arms and ammunition being diverted into the illegal market.

We have established a non-governmental Africa-China-EU Expert Working Group on conventional arms control to: increase awareness and engagement about the illicit trade and diversion of arms and ammunition into and inside Africa; promote compliance with existing regulations and recommend new policies; and increase cooperation and action between policy-makers in Africa, China and the EU to tackle diversion and reduce arms-related violence.

To read more about the group, its members and keep up to date with this project, visit the official project website:

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