Conflict sensitive humanitarian action

It is critical that people and organisations working in conflict settings, work in ways that minimise conflict and maximise support for peace. This includes during humanitarian responses.

Our work

We work with civil society organisations, donors and people affected by crises in countries around the world, exploring new ways of working and building the evidence base for community-led reform of the humanitarian system.

We work at the global level, as well as in a range of countries to produce insights into the challenges and opportunities of humanitarian work that is conflict sensitive. 

Our recent work has included partnering with humanitarian NGOs to develop and test new and innovative approaches to conflict-sensitive resilience strengthening; working alongside humanitarian programmes in Syria and Lebanon to support the integration of conflict sensitivity; managing a major facility in South Sudan providing tailored research and capacity development for donors and agencies working across the country; and conducting research and analysis into the impacts of humanitarian assistance on conflict dynamics in Nepal and Lebanon.

Throughout all of our work, we support collaboration between community groups and humanitarian organisations, and share our knowledge and expertise widely, with the intention of promoting more effective, integrated and coherent responses in conflict-affected contexts.


News and analysis

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