Photo credit: Karen Wykurz/Saferworld
Photo credit: Karen Wykurz/Saferworld


Countries across Asia have seen extraordinary levels of economic growth and political change over the past few decades. Saferworld has been working in Asia since 2005. We've worked on a range of issues including cooperative approaches to community safety, small arms control, understanding the relationship between gender, peace and security, and strengthening the security and justice sector. 

In Central Asia, countries are connected by a shared Soviet legacy and similar security challenges. These include unresponsive governance, ethnic tensions, border conflict and violence against women. These tensions at times flare up into full conflict, such as recent large-scale military clashes along the border between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, as well as multiple instances of domestic instability. 

Saferworld has been active in Central Asia since 2009. We have offices in Bishkek and Osh, and programs in Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. We help build trust and improve services by bringing people and security providers together. We encourage accountability and cooperation between communities and authorities to ensure that people's security needs are addressed, and work on addressing women and youth concerns

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