Photo credit: GMB Akash/Panos/Saferworld
Photo credit: GMB Akash/Panos/Saferworld

Aims and values

Our vision

A just and peaceful world, in which everyone enjoys the rights and freedom to live and thrive with dignity, free from fear and insecurity.

Our commitment

We work in solidarity with communities, civil society and partners to prevent and transform violent conflict, advocate for peace and social justice, and build safer lives.

Peace conditions

We believe there are essential conditions necessary for peace to become the norm. We work to create environments where the following three ‘peace conditions’ are in place:

  • People have the freedom and resources to work together to transform conflict and hold authorities to account.
  • People have access to fair and effective paths to address the grievances and inequalities that drive conflict.
  • People and institutions with influence use their power and resources to promote justice, peace and equality for all.

We value and embrace the differences and multiple identities implied in the word ‘people’, and know that peace can only be achieved and sustained by removing structural inequality in all its forms.

Our culture and core values

Our integrity as an organisation comes from the values and principles that guide our work.

  • Diversity: we listen to and learn from the perspectives of the diverse cultures and communities represented among our staff, our partners and others who we work with around the world. Our unique differences – in age, gender, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation, education, national origin or opportunity – make us who we are. We embrace everyone’s unique background and identity without prejudice or bias, knowing that this enriches our environment and the effectiveness of our work.
  • Inclusion: Saferworld strives to be a place where everyone feels comfortable, included and valued, where difference is respected and where every person has an equal and full opportunity to make a difference through their work. We know that our partners and staff are our greatest assets. As people and as an institution we are committed to creativity, learning and reflection.
  • Solidarity: we act in solidarity with others working collaboratively for positive change. We commit to playing our part in confronting discriminatory attitudes, biases and ‘colonial’ mindsets where they exist in the systems and processes we engage with, including within the international development sector.
  • Transparency: we believe that our actions must be transparent and consistent with our principles and mission both inside and outside of the workplace.
  • Respect: we may hold positions of power in relation to people we work or engage with, including colleagues and those we work with. We are aware of the responsibility that comes with this and are respectful and honest in our work.
  • Safety: we recognise that imbalances of power in the humanitarian and development sectors have led, and continue to lead, to many forms of exploitation and abuse. Providing a safe and trusted environment that safeguards our staff, partners and programme participants is a priority for Saferworld.

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