Photo credit: Tom Martin/Saferworld
Photo credit: Tom Martin/Saferworld


Bangladesh – one of the world’s most densely populated countries – faces many challenges despite reducing poverty and violence in recent years. Potential sources of conflict still exist in the country, including political violence, corruption, gender-based violence, organised crime, political polarisation, low trust in security and justice institutions, and the growth of extremism.

Our work

Saferworld has been working in Bangladesh since 2006, to improve the safety and security of communities. With partners, we work with young people, the police, communities, and businesses – which have the potential to be major contributors to peace. Through ongoing training and advice, we support businesses to become advocates for peace, and to put forward solutions to national and state governments to resolve conflicts and enable them to be more aware of their impact on factors that could drive conflict.

In Bangladesh we are working on:

Businesses for peace – we support businesses in Bangladesh to be sensitive to conflict.

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Gender, peace and security – we work to improve community understanding of gender, peace and security

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